Seriously Fun, 5K Obstacle Run!


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Mud Factor 5k Adult Wave Times

Mud Factor 5k adult waves are intended for participants ages 14 and up. While we recommend ages 14 & up, it's ultimately up to each parent whether or not their child under the age of 14 can participate. Anyone (including children of any age) must be registered in the appropriate "adult wave" time in order to access that specific wave time.

MF Kidz 3k Wave Times

The MF Kidz wave is a shortened running course (approx. 1.86 miles) with the same obstacles as the adult waves. MF Kidz Family waves are intended for children ages 4-13 to participate with or without their parents. Mud Factor allows parents to decide if your children are capable of running unattended. If your child is 14+ and you prefer for them to participate in the MF Kidz wave, that is also acceptable.


Photo Identification

We verify your purchased event ticket against your photo identification. You must have your Photo ID.


A completed liability waiver is required to participate. Download one via your cities event page or from the link  below.


Parking is $20 cash per vehicle. Motorcycles always park for free. You must park in the area designated by our event permit only. No parking on streets, roads, or adjacent lots allowed. Absolutely no "walk-ins" from outside the event parking area will be permitted to participate in any Mud Factor event, no exceptions.

Extra Funds + Water

Bring cash for food, beverages, merchandise, etc  Bring extra water to hydrate before and after your run.

Bag Check

A supervised bag check service is available and is located in the festival zone. Mud Factor is NOT responsible for any items left anywhere, with anyone (including event volunteers / workers) outside of our Bag Check area. $5 Cash per bag.

Wash Off Station

We will have a wash off station with running water. Bring extra clothes, shoes, towels, etc. with you in your vehicle to change into. We also sell plastic car seat covers so you don't dirty up your car!

What Not to Bring

No Pets, Alcohol, Outside Food, Weapons or Glass allowed.


Effective 4/02/2021, we have attempted to simplify the process to make changes to your existing registration online; therefore,  information may differ from what is published elsewhere.

You may transfer your registration to someone else, change your running (wave) time, or switch to another Mud Factor location or future event date by re-registering for the event using a voucher code provided by Mud Factor after initiating a change request.  There is an additional fee and specific deadlines to facilitate any changes.  

DEADLINES for online changes:

Switching registrants (transfer) or changing your wave time online must be completed at least 7 days prior to the event date to allow Mud Factor staff to process the request and forward a voucher code.

Transfer or Wave Time Change link:

Location Change or Date Deferment link:

Location or event date change requests must be completed prior to registration closing for your original event date. Transfers and wave time changes can also be made the day of the event at the venue.


Transfer Your Registration to Someone Else (Day of Event)

The new participant must bring their I.D. and a copy of the ORIGINAL PARTICIPANT'S CONFIRMATION EMAIL to the 'Post Registration' line at the registration tent. Arrive at least one hour prior to their desired running (wave) time. There is a $15 fee (cash only) to make this change. The original registrant does not need to be present, they simply need to provide the new registrant with their original confirmation email.

Change Your Wave Time (Day of Event)

Arrive one hour prior to the wave time you want to run in, and head to the 'Post Registration' line at the registration tent. The fee is $15 (cash only) to make this change.



2021 events are scheduled to run as planned. Mud Factor will follow local jurisdiction guidelines in order to safely host events at each respective location. Due to varying requirements that are constantly changing, we will update each events online "info packet" the week of the event with current requirements.



frequently asked questions & info


PRINT OUT your original confirmation email and bring it with you to the venue.  Can't find your email confirmation?  Have it resent by selecting your city and entering the email address used for purchase HERE

There is an important  "INFO Packet" link and a required Waiver download link at the bottom of each cities event page. You can access this information anytime by visiting your specific city via the LOCATIONS tab in the menu bar.  This "Info Packet" may be updated with new info the week of the event.

Event Parking

Parking is $20 cash only per vehicle.  Motorcycles alway park for free. You must park in the area designated by our event permit only. No parking on streets or roads or adjacent lots allowed. Absolutely no "walk-ins" from outside the event parking area will be permitted to participate in any Mud Factor event, no exceptions.


Spectator passes are $10 cash and are available the day of the event at the venue. Spectators have access to the Festival Area Only (start and finish line) - No Course Access. Course sight lines and obstacle visibility is limited and not guaranteed. Children 13 and under are admitted Free (as spectators) into the festival area. All spectators must sign the liability waiver to access the venue. See waiver download link below. No Pets Allowed.

Get There Early!

You should arrive at least one hour before your wave time. The registrant on file must match a photo I.D. Checking in to the run requires a photo ID and completed participant waiver.  

All registered runners will be issued a wave time specific bib assigned to your purchase.  Adult wave running bibs will allow you access to the course to run in a KIDZ Family Wave with a registered child, however, KIDZ Family Wave only bibs are not valid for adult wave running times.  You may change your wave time the day of the event at the venue.  See the header MAKING CHANGES for more details below

Check-in will remain open until 15 minutes before the last wave of the event.

MF Kidz Family Waves

A parent or guardian will pick up bibs for minors.  Your children do not need an I.D. for check-in. Everyone accessing the course needs to be a registered runner and have a runners bib.  No exceptions.

Parents may use their adult wave running bib in an MF KIDZ Family wave, or register in a KIDZ Family Wave only themselves to participate with or supervise their registered children.  Adults must be running with a child to participate in the KIDZ Family Waves.   Learn more about MF Kidz

Pre-paid T-shirt Pickup

Online orders must be picked up at the T-shirt tent, located in the Festival Zone, on the day of the event.  We do not ship, refund, or credit  for items not picked up at the venue.  

  • NO REFUNDS under any circumstances.
  • All participants must print, sign & bring your waiver of liability.
  • All adult participants must bring a Photo I.D. to registration tent for check in.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Event date and location are subject to change.



WAIVER - Liability

(Download, print & sign)