What You Get Photo

What's Included

Mud Factor Bandana
Mud Factor Achievement Medal
Mud Factor Tattoo (optional)


Participants will start the mud run in 15 minute waves. Mud Factor may add wave times later in the day and/or expand or combine waves at event management’s discretion.

Please report to the starting line at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your wave. In order to keep the event organized, each wave has its own color coded bib. Participants will only be allowed in the wave start area wearing the correct colored bib.

Joining a Team does not automatically place you in the same wave time as your teammates. Please organize appropriately.


Event officials reserve the right to modify any event rule at any time for any reason. Participants shall be responsible for knowing any modification to Mud Factor rules published prior to the event.

Media Inquiry

For access to press releases, high resolution images, videos and a variety of quotes from event organizers and participants, email media@mudfactor.com.